SR 64 at Greyhawk Blvd Roundabout

The intersection of SR 64 at Greyhawk Blvd. was reconstructed in 2007 as part of the widening of SR 64. Local development through Lakewood Ranch has dramatically increased in the area driving significant volumes through the intersection. In addition to more volume, the roadway characteristics of this one-time rural area encouraged higher speeds and as a result, there were significant safety issues resulting in tragic crashes prompting FDOT to close the intersection for a period of time. PGA assisted FDOT with changing the context of the corridor and establishing a modern roundabout at the intersection. With this new intersection control, development to south could be added without compromising safety through the intersection. PGA led the design of this multi-lane roundabout, which included significant drainage improvements, utility coordination, right-of-way coordination, and complex traffic control plans. Additionally PGA completed this project from NTP to final plans in 12 months, meeting FDOTs commitment in advancing this needed safety improvement.

Similar to the SR 64 at Rye Rd project, PGA performed the major design disciplines for this project. This project was originally scheduled for construction is FY 2023 but Manatee County petitioned FDOT to expedite construction due to the on-going safety issues at the intersection. PGA expedited design efforts, completing ROW mapping and donation coordination, extensive utility coordination including UWHCA and all formal reviews through FDOT in one year’s time.