There’s no greater satisfaction for us at PGA than to see our projects become permanent fixtures of Florida’s transportation infrastructure. From our many, many resurfacing projects to sidewalks, widenings, multi-level interchanges, as well as new alignments, bridge replacements, pedestrian overpasses—the list goes on—we take great pride in providing our clients with the most cost-effective, practical and performance-based engineering solutions.

Our project approach is largely collaborative, and PGA maintains a centralized company structure. Many of our projects involve multiple disciplines within the firm and they always involve cooperation with more than one professional. As such, staff have endless opportunities to learn from staff at all stages of their careers and tap into expertise and lessons learned across all our offices.

Project Map

PGA’s projects can be found across all of Florida from the Panhandle, down the Gulf Coast, across Central Florida and up and down the Space Coast, as well. Explore PGA’s projects in the interactive map below by clicking on any line or shape to learn more.

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