US 92 from Galloway Rd. to Wabash Ave.

The project included the design of a sidewalk to help improve pedestrian mobility and safety along US 92. This project also included the design of a prefabricated steel truss pedestrian bridge structure adjacent to the existing highway bridge and other miscellaneous structures for updating traffic signals and pedestrian signals. The resulting design improved connectivity and access along the corridor for bus stops and mobile home communities. The addition of the sidewalk also triggered necessary drainage improvements for adjacent ditches and inlets, as well as any permitting for foraging habitat and wetland type areas. Coordination with locals was necessary to establish preferences on layout for driveways that were impacted by the sidewalk, as well as notifying landowners who were encroaching onto FDOT’s right-of-way. Significant utility coordination was involved in this project for the placement and installment of the pedestrian bridge including deenergizing overhead powerlines to a Publix distribution center to allow for cranes to drive piles and swing the bridge into place. Due to the close proximity of the bridge to railroad tracks, the team successfully coordinated with CSX. This railroad is currently being used to help supply the Publix distribution center and coordination was needed to ensure and rail closures did not occur when a train was anticipating delivery and to increase the safety for the contractor during construction. PGA was the prime consultant leading the roadway, drainage, and structures design elements for this project.