Project Development and Environment (PD&E) 

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PD&E studies are FDOT’s comprehensive approach to federal requirements under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). We study the potential effects of a proposed project and evaluate how they might impact the social, physical, natural, and cultural/archeological environments. These studies are completed in tandem with the conceptual design process so that projects are developed in the most efficient way to reduce impacts to the human and natural environments. PGA’s PD&E Group offers a wide variety of services that contribute to PD&E studies, as well as managing them ourselves.

Some of our process-related PD&E services include:

  • PD&E Project Management and Development
  • Class of Action Determination
  • Agency Coordination
  • Purpose & Need development
  • Planning Consistency Forms
  • State Environmental Impact Report (SEIR)
  • SWEPT Documentation
  • Grant Writing
  • LAP NEPA Process & Documentation


Some of our design-related PD&E services include:

  • Engineering Analysis and Preliminary Engineering Reports (PER)
  • Bridge Hydraulic Reports (BHR)
  • Bridge Replacement Reports (BRR)
  • Traffic analysis (PTAR)
  • Environmental Look-arounds and Pond Siting Reports (ELA/PSR)


Our Social, Physical, and Natural Environment services include:

  • Sociocultural Effects Evaluation (SCE)
  • Public involvement
  • Wetlands and other surface waters (NRE)
  • Protected species studies/Biological assessment (NRE)
  • WMD and 404/USACE Permitting
  • Contamination Screening Evaluation Reports (CSER)
  • Farmland evaluations
  • Section 4(f) evaluation/documentation

Senior Staff

Gordon Greene, PE

Kim Warren

PD&E Group Manager

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Kim Warren scaled

Kim Warren

PD&E Group Manager

Areas of Expertise:
Program Management, Project Management, National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Compliance, Section 4(f) Analysis and Documentation

Kim is lifelong resident of Alturas. When not supporting the transportation industry, she enjoys spoiling her grandchildren, working in her rose garden, and last but not least finding local music spots.  

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