US 19 Pedestrian Overpass

The scope of the project is to develop construction plans for a pedestrian overpass structure across SR 55 (US 19) at Harn Boulevard in Clearwater, Florida. US 19 is considered a Strategic Intermodal System (SIS) facility in Pinellas County. The proposed bridge will be constructed within existing FDOT right-of-way, existing City of Clearwater right-of-way, and the existing City of Clearwater 49-ft easement. The bridge will provide pedestrian connectivity from the East and West sides of US 19. Harn Boulevard will be re-constructed to accommodate the pedestrian ramp. Milling and resurfacing will be needed along Harn Boulevard and northbound Frontage Roads. The proposed switchback ramp located on the east side will require new driveway entrances to the Bay Cove Apartments. The proposed improvements are from South of Harn Boulevard (MP 17.283) to North of Harn Boulevard (MP 17.382) along US 19. The proposed pedestrian bridge is on the south side of Harn Boulevard.

The overall bridge length will be 235-ft spanning the mainline and frontage roads. The switchback ramps will consist of cast-in-place flat slabs with longitudinal grades meeting ADA requirements. The multi-level switchback ramps have multiple columns with precast pile foundations.